About me

Hi, I’m Suzi! 😉

I’m a Brazilian Product designer and for the last seven years, I’ve been working with user-centered design for different companies.

I pride myself on working in various businesses like startups, e-commerce, and insurance field, designing better solutions for products and services across the web and mobile applications.

My working process is based on ideate, prototype, test & learn.

Ideate, prototype – I identify the real problem always with a focus on the users’ needs, sharing perspectives with the team and converting them into sketches, wireframes, or other prototype solutions.

Test & Learn is the follow-up phase that I usually test and validate the idea. I do this by conducting usability tests (or other research methodology) and measuring key metrics.

I take a holistic point of view toward the end-to-end experience, not just a single moment, feature, or experience stage.


This is a little bit about of how I work.

Feel free to mail me and talk more about.