Zenklub is a platform that connects people, therapists and coaching professionals.

I had the opportunity to rethink and redesign the UX and UI for the entire platform. It was 5 months working in the business area, development team, branding and psychologists defining the new journey of the product using design sprints methodology.

The big challenge was to offer a new way for people to find the exact specialist/therapist or coach.

I conduct a heuristic evaluation of the current platform to deliver quick and valued improvements. In parallel to these changes, I design the experience of how the user interacts with the platform.

Between the initial phases, I had sessions with psychologists to understand better some specific points about personality, depression, and anxiety to design a good solution and features for the platform.


Map of personality type based on Myers–Briggs Type Indicator


I also divide the delivery into phases:  wireframes, prototype and usability test to validate the whole idea.


Now we are in the phase of the visual design.

And I am exploring the visual design directions, getting feedback and iterating.

As soon as I finish I will post here the results.





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